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B Freed

Picture of left arm after car accident, ex-patient takes no pharmaceutical drugs, ingesting Cannabis has completely healed arm and allows ex-patient to live a fulfilling pain free life without daily dosing

Black Box Warnings! (FDA)

  This website is provided for educational and informational purposes only. No-one should try any recipes, exercises, substance of any kind that is contained in this website. Your doctor and health care facility should be made aware of any research or findings you feel, may or may not improve your health. Certain medications can be influenced by natural substances. Seek the advice of your doctor or qualified healthcare provider concerning any medical condition, no physician / patient relationships can be created by this website.

Ex-patient of the conventional healthcare system, not medical experts, any information presented in this site should be used as reference only when dealing with disease.
We cannot advise anyone of how to produce / dose - Cannabis, Psilocybin or Amanita. We can only share our and others experiences in preparation, and dosing, that improved disease. B Freed Indeed LLC - Terms and Conditions

(Prohibition to legalization)

OUR Government listening to your conversations

"Law would allow minors to be euthanized without parental consent"

The ones wanting to end their LIFE (Maid) are being mislead, many have never been allowed God's natural medicines, or known how to use them correctly, it would ruin profit! (Big Pharma - FDA drugsApproximately 55 million people suffer from ALZ alone. (Treatable)

"900 people annually are administered lethal substances without having given explicit consent, and in one jurisdiction, almost 50% of cases of euthanasia are not reported."

We will always ask for a zoom meeting if ever contacted through our email or phone, do not rely on any other source of communication, unless in-person, The AGENCIES (identity theft) controlling all Social / Google accounts are preventing contact through this site, (Continuous Harassment) (after agency was found (email address) making changes to this WIX account as an contributor, illegally) WIX software was then stolen, modified to control this and other cannabis WIX informational websites sitemaps, and how they are found on google, un-indexing pages, making changes to content discrediting sites! "But you, be wise as serpents and innocent as doves." (First Amendment) (Fourth Amendment) (Fifth Amendment) (Amended 18 US Code Section 1028)

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