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(We can not advise anyone on how to produce or micro-dose Cannabis)
Hemp, marijuana and cannabanoidals  
(Recipes found in site are examples, and intended for future research only)


    Removed stems/seeds, used 1/2 gram of dried flower, Sativa (High in Alpha Pineneground flower fine, Pre-heated oven (see below) used any choice of cracker and peanut butter, after spreading peanut butter on cracker, sprinkled 1/2 gram Cannabis across peanut butter, placed assembled crackers in foil, baked for (see below), after cool broke in half, dosed 1/4 - 1/2 cracker 3 times a day, view other firecracker videos on you tube. The temps below did not burn off vital terpenes that are destroyed in mini muffin and other recipes at high temps, (baked this recipe at these temps and times) 250 degrees F. for 30 mins achieving the same results, assuring fewer vital terpenes were not burnt off. When used this recipe for addiction, used Indica strains high in beta-caryophyllene.

.5 grams / 2 = .250 grams was approx. dose.
Estimated Lethal Dose of Cannabis "70 grams"

Flower recipes / Natural remedies that have improved Alzheimer's, recipes allowed the maximum amount of cannabinoids over "120" and over 540 compounds "540" including the maximum amount of terpenes and flavonoids indigenous to each strain.

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