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Searching for the Fairy Tail Magic Mushroom (The Easter Egg, SYMBOL of the Resurrection see notes)

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

From Website - - "A large, conspicuous mushroom, Amanita muscaria is generally common and numerous where it grows, and is often found in groups with basidiocarps in all stages of development. Fly agaric fruiting bodies emerge from the soil looking like white eggs."

From Website - Explains - "This is a really interesting look at the history of the world's religions and their connection with psychedelic substances. It's quit intersting." "For example it suggests that easter egg hunting originates with ancient shamans. Who would send their children into the forest in search of sprouting Amanita muscaria (a mushroom). When the amanita begin to sprout they look like eggs." "They would then pick the mushrooms for celebration of the winter solstice (Dec. 25) and hang them on a tree to dry out. Hence, we have the Christmas tree with it's ornaments." "Santa Claus is suggested to be an anthropomorphism of the Amanita muscaria with his red and white appearance and his black boots. In ancient times the tribes people would build chimney's into their huts and in the winter, the snow would cover the main entrance, so the shaman would enter through the chimney to deliver the amanita muscaria for the Solstice celebration."

This exegetical treatise explores the actually rich though shrouded historical accounts of the priesthood behind Jesus Christ's holiness. Delving into passages in both the Biblical canon and the Dead Sea Scrolls, as well as Nag Hammadi Texts, it becomes evident that the "immortality" and "resurrection" of Jesus and of the priesthood ...

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